ToDo before publishing an Android App

Assume your app is ready. What do you need to do to get it into the Google play store?

  1. Generate a signed Apk
    1. Check that the version has a unique version code
    2. Check the applicationId to be unique and starts with your company name, e.g. “com.smallapps.”
  2. Create a new entry in your Google Play Store
    1. Decide which language is the default language
    2. Give it a title up to 30 char long
    3. Give it a short description up to 80 char long
    4. Give it a long description up to 4000 char long
    5. Upload at least 2 screen shots, maximum 8 Screen shots per Type of each: Telephone, Tablet, Android TV and Android Wear – of course only if it is applicable
    6. Upload a “high resolution” symbol, e.g. the icon if your app in 512×512 pixels. But could also be a nicer version. Will be shown in the google play store entry.
    7. Upload a “Funktionsgrafik” (sorry, need to check the english name): Another image of size 1024×500 pixels. Will also be shown in the play store entry.
    8. Optional: Upload an ad picture 180×120 pixels, a TV banner or a video
    9. Select the App-type: App or Game
    10. Select the Category: Learning, Work, Comics, …
    11. Choose a content rating (age rating)
    12. Answer some questions to result in an age rating
    13. Enter an email Address, where you can be contacted
    14. Enter a link to your privacy policy (or click “will be supplied later”)
    15. Enter price or “for free”. This decision is forever!
    16. Decide in which countries to distribute the app
    17. Answer if the app contains ads
    18. Answer if you and your app agree to the android content policy
    19. Answer if you know about export control
    20. Upload the Apk into Alpha or Beta test or upload it to the final store
    21. Decide if it is a open or closed test phase
  3. Then wait until the App is published
    1. If it is a alpha or beta test, you may share the link to find the Apk in the  App store

That’s it already, have fun!