We developed the Schoßgebete App for Hörbuch Hamburg HHV GmbH and fabrik neue medien. Part of the team were Nicolas Patzelt, Michael Schropp and Thomas Patzelt.

We developed the BR Volleys App for iPhone and Android for style for mobile GmbH and Berlin Recycling Volleys. Have a look on the iPhone and Android version. Part of the team here were Nicolas Patzelt, Michael Schropp, Roxana Bucura and Thomas Patzelt.

Carsten and Thomas have helped to finish the iPhone-Version of the App “Galileo & EGNOS Satellites“. The app was developed by DKE-Aerospace for the European Commission. Impressive team and impressive software, it was fun working a few weeks in a satellite-like orbit.

In the last years Thomas helped

  • to create the App eHub Control for Hirschmann-Car Communication
  • to create version 2 of the BMW Service App
  • helped Here to add the Nearby button to the Here (we go) App
  • to enhance the Bauexpert app
  • to debug the Familynet app and then relaunch the looping app
  • wrote a car video recording app for a customers car service support