Note taking app for analog photographers written by an analog photographer.

Digital photography has one advantage over anolog photography: EXIF metadata. — The digital camera automatically records date, time, shutter speed, aperture and a whole lot of other things for every picture taken.

In analog photography the photographer has to scribble all that on index cards or the like and immediately problems arise: It’s Sunday and all cards are used up. The camera is here and the card for the current film is on the other side of the world. There is no more space left on the card. Where’s that .x@#.. pencil?

Well, why not use a smartphone to scribble down the index cards: It is never full, always there, no pencils. Since Creevey is not telekinetic you still have to enter the data manually, but it is a lot easier.

Have a look here.

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    1. Hello Vincent, thanks for your feedback, we were unaware of any errors in Android 2.3.6. Meanwhile we checked again and the software runs without problems on all devices and Android versions that we tested, so far, so we have no idea where any bug may be.
      If you want to help fixing the bugs, you may want to send us a better description, what you experienced. Also, we can share the sources with you, if you want to search for the bug on your own – just send us an email.
      Regards, Thomas

      p.s.: Nice photographs on you page btw!

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