Taschengeld App


Très simple et efficace — Version 1.0.2, 12.6.11, Moussinho

We also got some one-star reviews from people who did not understand our concept of simplicity. Usually this kills an app in sales. Not here: The other customers did understand, that criticizing for too less features in an app that needs simplicity is… (your judgement here).


The story behind the app:

The App solves a problem that I had for Years: Marking a payment as done needed so many clicks to do, that at some point I stopped doing so and got completely lost afterwards. How much did we agree last month? How much is too much? DIDn‘t I pay you this month already? So I wrote this app in order for me to only use two clicks until a new payment is marked as paid. „Yes son, February has been payed already.“

“But when it only needs one click to mark it as payed, where is the security code that you need to keep the kids from changing it?“ I hear you saying. Yes and No. Since every delete is logged, a change is easily discovered. So all you have to do is to reverse their change and smile about your clever kids…

As a bonus, we added some hopefully useful advice about Pocket Money, for what it should be used and how much others think it should be. Please be aware, that there is a wide range and that the needs differ from country to country, town to town and children to children. My experience as a child is: There is always someone getting more pocket money than you.

And of course we tested it in VoiceOver mode for improved accessibility!

Pocket money comes in English (Pocket Money App, Allowance App), in French as L’argent de poche, in Spanish as Dinero de bolsillo and of course in German as Taschengeld App. Why of course? Because we are German programmers, sitting in teltow near Berlin (which is a very exciting City to live near to).

Thanks for Translation help to

Karin (French)

Paloma and Jonathan (Spanish)

If you have feedback or consider our local language versions “improvable“, send me an email. If you like the app, write a review!