1000+ Downloads on our Android Apps

Teltow, 30.5.2014

Today we can celebrate the 1000th download of one of our Android Apps since we started publishing Android Apps.

According to the Google reports we get from Google Play Store, we started two years ago, on the 20.6.2012 with our first download, we reached the 500th download on 11.11.2013 and the 1000th today, the 30.5.2014. We have sold 23 paid apps, 1001 apps are reported as “downloaded” and about a fifth of them, 212 are still installed.

I have no idea how Google knows, if an app is still installed on the phone of our customers, they probably get a notification when an app is installed or deleted.

Btw.: The “installed” number is not available by Apple for their apps, so Apple knows less about their customers than Google does.