Xcode crashes, cell size 0 is the problem

I was working on a project for quite a while, so the storyboard of that project was filled with 19 screen controllers. When the project moved from iOS 6 to iOS 7, we had some issues with autolayout, but we thought we had them all wiped out.
Then one day entering the storyboard in Xcode crashed Xcode V5.0.2. Of course I could have checked in version control which of the last versions would open without problems, but I went down another path.

I had saved the last versions of xcode (v5.0 and v4.6.2) and tried to open the storyboard with version 5.0, which worked. And since the message in the crash contained the word „cell“, I searched for cells by entering cell in the document outline view search bar (the list of all views and view controllers that you can view on the left hand of the storyboard itself).

While the first three table view cells where all OK, the fourth table view cell was in a table view with size zero (0) for height and width. Needless to say, that putting the sizes to zero had been Xcode’s idea, not ours. That zero size was probably the reason, I assumed, so I changed the size of the parent table view to something bigger than two times zero. And yes, this time Xcode 5.0.2. opened the storyboard file without problems.

Here is the error lines I had in my console output and in the crash report (for reference):

Details: Failed to compute auto layout status IBUILabel, IBUITableViewCell, and IBUITableViewCellContentView.
Reason: Any table view cell being added to a layout engine should be contained in a table view in order to get the correct metrics