BetterProtocols – the smart solution from read to result
Your protocols need to be where you are – not on a piece of paper filed somewhere.
Your protocols need to help you to take notes – not on another piece of paper.
Your protocols need to provide an overview as well as additional information – without further paperwork.
Your protocols should track the time passed and the time remaining – just as your mp3 player does.

Your Protocols should be BetterProtocols – enhanced protocols for the digital age.

The software has been tested on small screens (Sony Xperia) to a recent tablet with 25.7 cm (10.1 inch) screen and on Android versions 1.6 to 4.0.

Interactive – timer, note taking, time logging
We are actively developing the software to meet the needs of every day life and research. Currently the software already delivers the following interactive features:
– Countdown timer, which can be preset in each step of the protocol and which shows , time passed, time left and a progress bar.
– Expand and collapse of additional information.
– Check mark for each step with timestamp.
– Comment option for each step.
– Selection of various protocols from the main screen.

Opportunities for companies and users
The software was conceived in the course of a synthetic biology competition at the University of Potsdam and was programmed by Students members of We are open for partnerships and opportunities to commercialize the product.
So far we have a limited set of protocols used in labs at the Potsdam University.