APT12: Which language is used in which App-Store?

The list of available languages  When you want to publish your app in the Apple App Store, you have the choice in which countries you want your app to be offered. I have not counted the number of countries lately, but hey, it is a long list, so you probably rather click on “all countries”.

Since every app has it’s own App-Store “webpage”, you have to decide in which language the app description in this webpage will be. The easiest choice is to use only one language, e.g. english. But I decided different and used german, english, spanish and french descriptions of my apps. Nowadays, when you create a new app, you can select which language will be used as the default language. But my apps are still stuck with the options at that time and this meant: German as default language. I already wrote about the default language issue in the app store some time ago here.

Now imagine I have these 4 descriptions in those four languages. So I go to iTunes Connect and it offers me the choice of 18 languages (see picture) as of today. While you may know, that the word sundowner is listed in an australian dictionary, the question, if the Apple App Store of New Zealand will make use of my text filed under:

  • UK English
  • Australian English
  • English

is not as easy to be answered. To answer that: Apple uses the text you store under Australian English for New Zealand as well.

But what if I did not store any text as Australian English? Then your apps webpage will get the content from your default language, of course. Unfortunately for me, the default language of my existing apps is German, which is rather inappropriate for New Zealand customers. In order to have a complete list of all stores and their iTunes-Connect language settings being used, Jonathan and I compiled this list.

Instruction: If your app website address is


then the de in the address above indicates the german store, because de is the ISO 3166-1 code for Germany. I can not guarantee that Apple really uses this code, but at least I tried the codes below and most of them worked. (If you prefer a pdf version of the list, download it here).

Enjoy and feel free to share…

iTunes Country Code Language Comment
België be UK English benl’ doesn’t work
Belgique be UK English befr’ doesn’t work
България (Bulgaria) bg UK English
Česká republika cz UK English
Danmark dk UK English
Deutschland de German
Eesti ee UK English
España es Spanish
France fr French
Greece gr UK English
Hrvatska (Kroatia) hr UK English
Ireland ie UK English
Italia it Italian
Latvija lv UK English
Liechtenstein li English
Lietuva lt UK English
Luxembourg lu UK English
Macedonia mk UK English
Magyarország (Hungary) hu UK English
Malta mt UK English
Moldova md UK English
Montenegro me Error
Nederland nl Dutch
Norge no UK English
Österreich at German
Polska pl UK English
Portugal pt Portuguese
România ro UK English
Россия (Russia) ru Russian
Slovakia sk UK English
Slovenia si UK English
Schweiz chde Error
Suisse chfr Error
Suomi (Finnland) fi UK English
Sverige se Swedish
Türkiye tr UK English
UK uk UK English changes to gb
Asia Pacific
Australia au Australian English
中国 (China) cn Simplified Chinese
Hong Kong (English) hk/en Not found
香港 (Hong Kong) hk UK English
Indonesia id UK English
日本 (Japan) jp Japanese
대한민국 (Korea) kr Korean
Malaysia my UK English
New Zealand nz Australian English
Philippines ph UK English
Singapore sg UK English
台灣 (Taiwan) tw UK English
Thailand th UK English
Vietnam vn UK English
Other Asia asia
Africa, Middle East
Armenia am UK English
Botswana bw UK English
Bahrain bh UK English
Cameroun cm English
Centre Afrique cf Error
Côte d’Ivoire ci English
Egypt eg UK English
Guinea-Bissau gw Error
Guinée gn Error
Guinée Equatoriale gq Error
India in UK English
Israel il UK English
Jordan jo UK English
Kenya ke UK English
Kuwait ku English
Madagascar mg UK English
Mali ml UK English
Maroc ma Error
Mauritius mu UK English
Mozambique mz Error
Niger ne UK English
Nigeria ng UK English
Oman om UK English
Qatar qa UK English
Saudi Arabia sa UK English
Sénégal sn UK English
South Africa za UK English
Tunisie tn UK English
Uganda ug UK English
United Arab Emirates ae UK English
Latin America
Anguilla ai UK English points to lae
Antigua & Barbuda ag UK English points to lae
Argentina ar Latin American Spanish points to la
Barbados bb UK English points to lae
Belize bz UK English points to lae
Bermuda bm UK English points to lae
Bolivia bo Latin American Spanish points to la
Brasil br Brazilian Portuguese
British Virgin Islands vg UK English points to lae
Cayman Islands ky UK English points to lae
Chile cl Latin American Spanish points to la
Colombia co Latin American Spanish points to la
Costa Rica cr Latin American Spanish points to la
Dominica dm UK English points to lae
República Dominicana do Latin American Spanish points to la
Ecuador ec Latin American Spanish points to la
El Salvador sv Latin American Spanish points to la
Grenada gd UK English points to lae
Guatemala gt Latin American Spanish points to la
Guyana gy UK English points to lae
Honduras hn Latin American Spanish points to la
Jamaica jm UK English points to lae
México mx Latin American Spanish
Montserrat ms UK English points to lae
Nicaragua ni Latin American Spanish points to la
Panamá pa Latin American Spanish points to la
Paraguay py Latin American Spanish points to la
Perú pe Latin American Spanish points to la
St. Kitts & Nevis kn UK English points to lae
St. Lucia lc UK English points to lae
St. Vincent & The Grenadines vc UK English points to lae
Suriname sr UK English points to lae
The Bahamas bs UK English points to lae
Trinidad & Tobago tt UK English points to lae
Turks & Caicos tc UK English points to lae
Uruguay uy UK English points to la
Venezuela ve Latin American Spanish points to la
América Latina y el Caribe (Español) la Error
Latin America and the Caribbean (English) lae Error
US, Canada
Canada (English) ca Canadian English
Canada (Français) ca/fr Not found
Puerto Rico (English) pr Error points to lae
Puerto Rico (Español) pr Error points to lae
USA us English


7 thoughts on “APT12: Which language is used in which App-Store?”

  1. I can’t imagine how long it must have taken you to compile that list. Thanks though. My latest app update went live today. It’s default language has been English, and we’ve had the UK English app description on it for quite some time. What’s new with this app update is that we’ve added Norwegian, Danish and Swedish app descriptions. So far only the Swedish description has made the change from English to Swedish. Norway and Denmark’s app stores are still showing the UK English versions of the app description. In your experience how long should I wait before I start to get worried that something is wrong?

  2. Hello!

    I have been looking for something like this for quite some time now!!! Thank you for compiling and sharing this! 🙂

    One thing I am not sure I understand: I see how to access the different app stores with the different country codes. But then you would have to rely on your knowledge of which app description you had localized to see which languages they default to, right? Or is there another trick?


  3. I added a different number for all versions at the end of all texts I had in the store. It took more than 24h for all to appear, although most appeared soon. When I wanted to remove the numbers again, APT14 happened…
    Regards, Thomas

  4. Hi, great post! its very usefull!

    nonetheless, sometimes i get even more confused..maybe someone could clear it for me:

    i have an app internationalized (inside) so depending on user default settings it would put it in X languages.
    i have the same app in the itunesconnect in many languages (all of the possible ones offered by apple).

    in those languages, i have norwegian and finnish….i mean in itunesconnect languages…. but why, if i go to the finnish or norwegian appstore i only see the app in UK english?…
    o..if this is correct, then why they put those extra languages in itunes connect?

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