Progress It! Garden Edition

This app helps you to record the progress around your garden.
You can remember and visualize your tree and plant growth.

Take a picture of your tree and note the size and condition in the comments.

These are the Pi Garden Features:

* Create, edit, and delete individual projects.
* Add unlimited number of comment fields.
* For quick information, the first comment box appears in the overview (e.g. weight).
* Add unlimited number of entries.
* Each entry can be filled with a picture and comments and has a specific date.
* Entries can be created, edited and deleted.
* All entries are listed chronologically.

Project Overview
* Scroll around in your project.
* Slideshow of all the images of your project.

2 thoughts on “Progress It! Garden Edition”

  1. Hi,

    I would like to know if this app, Progress It! Garden Edition, provides larger pictures size than what I am seeing from the screenshot sample’s I can see at the App shop. There seems to be a lot of neutral space around the largest images on screenshots 3 & 5. It would be great if the pictures could be much larger. Also, can the slideshow be streamed through Apple TV from my iPhone?

    Hope you can give me some feed back, thank you.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hello Rhonda, thanks for contacting us.
    The pictures are available in full size in the “slide show” feature. Unfortunately we do not have a screen shot showing it – thanks for the good hint to that!
    In the various dialog screens we only show a part of and also smaller version of the picture as a graphical hint.
    Streaming with apple TV is still on our to-do list and is not yet available, sorry. The normal cable-adapters (I have one “iPhone to VGA” type) work for showing it on a bigger screen. We admit, this is not as nice as streaming to apple TV.

    Just to mention it, the picture is still available in the camera roll after being taken.

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