Our Apps

These apps are available in the Apple App Store from us:

  • Dice Cup: A dice playing app. Here.
  • Pocket Money / Allowance App: Helps me keep track of my kids allowance. It is a two-click payment-checklist for the allowance that I pay my kids, that has no password and still is hard to be “modified” by the kids. Solution: Logging all changes (locally) so you see when something has been changed! Here.
  • E10-Liste An App in German showing the Sailing-Regattas of many German Counties, all Austrian Regattas, the Korsar-, Laser- und Monas-Class Regattas. Here.
  • EarTrainer: Helps you enhance your musical hearing. Check it out, to see if your ears are as good as you think they are, or if you want to improve them. Here.
  • Regattakalender (Available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland): Here.
  • Schoßgebete A free App, That informs about the audio book of the same title. Works as a audio book player if you buy the audio book. We were paid for creating this app and it was a lot of fun. Here.
  • Dinner Speech: An app that may help you to hold your next dinner speech. Here.
  • Deine Orte: An app that helps you keep track of interesting places and tracks. Here.
  • Pipetting Aid: An app to help you do your pipetting work more quickly. Here.
  • CakeJumper: A game. Try it, have fun! Here.
The following Android Apps are available in the google market / google play Android App listing:
  • E10-Liste: List of all German cars and their ability to take E10-Gasoline. Here.
  • Creevey: An App for taking digital notes about digital or analog photographs. Helps photographers to remember the settings for every photo. Especially helpful for analog photographers. Written by an analog photographer.
  • Regattakalender, a sailing regatta list for various parts of Germany and Austria: Here.
  • BetterProtocols: Do your Protocols with Style and automatic time accounting: Here. The website is www.betterprotocols.com and the project was part of the Potsdam iGEM team in 2011.